About Us

A Luxury Sober Living Community
in the hills of California

Georgia Frabotta

CEO / Founder

The History of Angel House

In 1997 Ms. Georgia Frabotta opened the first Angel House Sober Living home. From the start she was determined to help as many recovering addicts & alcoholics as possible. Georgia’s commitment was to welcome each person into the warmth and safety of Angel House, setting the standard that reflects her own personal belief in the power of spiritual transformation and recovery from addiction.

In years that followed, the first Angel House became a model for Georgia to use as she opened several other Angel Houses and an addiction treatment counseling center. Each house offers recovering addicts & alcoholics the chance to experience miracles in recovery and embrace a new, healthy lifestyle.

The network of Angel House Sober Living Homes and Extended Care services has become reputable for delivering quality recovery support while keeping an environment of hope, strength, love, and tolerance for all. Each Angel House is called Home by many. Miracles happen in each house every day.

In 2008 Georgia opened the luxurious Angel Villa Sober Living & Extended Care Community in Woodland Hills, California. With upscale amenities and innovative Extended Care Addiction Treatment services each client can experience an unparalleled level of comfort, care, and safety and live peacefully surrounded by a staff of the highest caliber. Resting on a sprawling estate, the Angel Villa offers the peace and serenity needed for ongoing recovery and the care level for our clients to find a healthy balance between body, mind, emotions & Spirit.


My name is Cody I'm from San Clarita, CA and I moved into the Angel Villa house in Jan 14, 2014. With the help of Georgia, Ria, and Larry I've been able to achieve having 4 months of sobriety and has inspired me to continue to work a strong program. And along the way I have been able to make an amazing support group with the community with every person in all of the 3 houses of Angel Villa...

My name is Lauren, I am 20 years old and I am from Las Vegas, NV. I moved to the Angel Villa sober living in January of 2014. Initially I moved into Angel Villa in Woodland Hills for about 3 months, with the support of my peers and the inspiration, encouragement, and structure incorporated by having Marshall, the manager I was able to better maintain my recovery and improve my...

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