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Welcome to Angel Villa Sober Living

Angel Villa is a structured sober living estate located in Woodland Hills, California. Our sober living home offers unparalleled comfort, privacy, and a 24-hour on-site staff. Enjoy sprawling floor plans, scenic outdoors, and state-of-the-art amenities.
For more information, please call Georgia at 1.818.571.8946.

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Magnificent Sober Living Estate - Angel Villa,
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The History of Angel House

In 1997 Ms. Georgia Frabotta opened the first Angel House Sober Living home in North Hollywood, California. From the start she was determined to help as many recovering addicts & alcoholics as possible. Georgia's commitment was to welcome each person into the warmth and safety of Angel House, setting the standard that reflects her own personal belief in the power of spiritual transformation and recovery from addiction.

In years that followed, the first Angel House became a model for Georgia to use as she opened several other Angel Houses and an addiction treatment counseling center. Each house offers recovering addicts & alcoholics the chance to experience miracles in recovery and embrace a new, healthy lifestyle.

The network of Angel House Sober Living Homes and Extended Care services has become reputable for delivering quality recovery support while keeping an environment of hope, strength, love, and tolerance for all. Each Angel House is called Home by many. Miracles happen in each house every day.

In 2008 Georgia opened the luxurious Angel Villa Sober Living & Extended Care Community in Woodland Hills, California. With upscale amenities and innovative Extended Care Addiction Treatment services each client can experience an unparalleled level of comfort, care, and safety and live peacefully surrounded by a staff of the highest caliber. Resting on a sprawling estate, the Angel Villa offers the peace and serenity needed for ongoing recovery and the care level for our clients to find a healthy balance between body, mind, emotions & Spirit.

Estate Features

Georgia Frabotta
Executive Director


    What we offer

  • Exquisite private and semi-private rooms
  • Executive guest house on the estate
  • Rooms have Jacuzzi tubs, sauna, and televisions
  • 24 Hour Staff Support Enjoy indoor and outdoor fire places
  • Tranquil gardens and open patio areas for meditation and holistic healing
  • Spacious gazebo with fireplace for friendly gatherings and cozy fireside chats
  • Professionally designed menu with balanced and nutritious meals
  • Gated estate with plenty of parking and state-of-the art security system
  • Transportation coordination for all clients
  • Free internet, long distance, and High-Definition cable television
  • Discreet addiction treatment and aftercare services
  • Comprehensive family counseling and therapy
  • 12 Step support groups and recovery meetings
  • Online addiction counseling
  • Direct connection to local treatment & recovery experts
  • Sober Companion Services
  • Linkage to Sober Guardians companion services
  • Located just minutes from the heart of Encino Commons
  • Pet Friendly

Have some fun in recovery - Enjoy Angel Villa's Big Bear cabin experience.

Now Available!

Georgia Frabotta
Executive Director

Angel Villa Testimonials

Ms. Georgia Frabotta has established a level of care within the recovery community that I have been witness to for over 8 years now. It is a level of care that includes an unparalleled commitment to helping those recovering from the trauma and lifestyle disorders resulting from substance abuse. She has the abilities necessary for facilitating a smooth transition for recovering individuals from primary treatment into a sober living environment that is rich in support and hope. While she maintains appropriate and necessary guidelines for her sober living homes, Ms. Frabotta excels in establishing structure for ongoing change and executes a standard of responsibility and drive toward greater self-worth with charisma and competence. I have been able to rely on her standards of excellence to effectively ensure a safe transition for our clients from treatment to a sober living environment where they can embrace change and work on continued recovery. From a personal perspective, I am grateful to Ms. Frabotta for providing much needed community resources that everyone can benefit from. I am particularly impressed with her genuine and absolute dedication to her mission which is to provide a special atmosphere that is conducive to long-term sobriety. She does this well. Not only do I recommend Ms. Frabotta on professional levels, but on personal levels as well. Mention of her in my daily conversations is nothing short of total admiration and respect. She is the epitome of balancing business and care for those who need help. My personal and professional recommendations are not alone as there are many within the community who know and respect her excellent reputation for the advocacy of progress, success, and human service.
Brandon K. Beckman MBA,CATC,CDS
Director of Programs, People In Progress

To Whom It May Concern:
There are so many great things I could say regarding Georgia Frabotta. I'm not sure where to start, but I can tell you that she has saved my life.
I had made such a mess out of my life by the time I arrived on Georgia's doorstep. She gave me and my dog a place to live when we had nowhere to go. I had no job and jail time was foreseeable, if I didn't figure out how to live right. Thanks to the unconditional care and love I received from Georgia, my life is now a life anyone would be proud of. I have been clean and sober for one and a half years. I have truly conquered all of the goals I had set for myself. I have no financial debt and have a great job.
I could go on and on about how great my life has turned out, but there are so many others who need the same sort of help. Georgia is the first person to see the good qualities in people, no matter how far down the scale they have gone. I feel as though I owe my life to her.
Thanks for your time.

Angel Villa has provided an exceptional safe and sober environment for me for the past 5+ months. I highly recommend living in one of their houses after treatment and utilizing it as a transition after getting clean and sober. The in-house group and meeting each week bring all three houses together and it forms a tight-knight sober community which is in my opinion, essential in core sobriety. Angel Villa has made sustaining my sobriety very enjoyable and has helped me get reacquainted with life after treatment.
- Chavncey

Angel Villa is a fantastic sober living.
Angel Villa will help you get sober.
Angel Villa will help you in your sobriety.
Angel Villa will help you keep sober.

- Erik P.

Since the day I moved into Angel Villa I have felt welcomed, safe and comfortable. I have lived in several of the houses and feel all of the houses were clean and fun. Angel Villas are a fun and sober community & support system. I know I can count on Georgia, the managers and other residents for anything. I love my home away from home, Angel Villa.
- Kelsey O.

My stay at Angel Villa succeeded in helping me to achieve personal recovery. I became attached to fellow clients, and house management was receptive to my needs. I can say without reservation that if I had to do it over again, Angel Villa would be my house of choice.
- Jason

My name is Lauren, I am 20 years old and I am from Las Vegas, NV. I moved to the Angel Villa sober living in January of 2014. Initially I moved into Angel Villa in Woodland Hills for about 3 months, with the support of my peers and the inspiration, encouragement, and structure incorporated by having Marshall, the manager I was able to better maintain my recovery and improve my conscious contact with God. After about a 3-month period I relocated to Angel Villa in Evino, where I continue to constantly keep my mind, body, and soul as healthy as possible. This has been a life-changing experience for me and I am grateful to have the opportunity here to help better my awesome life.
- Lauren H.

My name is Cody I'm from San Clarita, CA and I moved into the Angel Villa house in Jan 14, 2014. With the help of Georgia, Ria, and Larry I've been able to achieve having 4 months of sobriety and has inspired me to continue to work a strong program. And along the way I have been able to make an amazing support group with the community with every person in all of the 3 houses of Angel Villa. During the 6 months living here has been the happiest I've ever been. As well as having an amazing support to continue to stay sober & work my program. I am truly grateful to Georgia, Ria, and Larry to help me work through my recovery.
- Cody

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Estate Features

Georgia Frabotta
Executive Director

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Estate Features

Georgia Frabotta
Executive Director